LCG Personal Hymnals

LCG Personal Hymnals Now Available

Greetings brethren! As our Church attendance has grown, our stock of hymnals has been exhausted, which makes it necessary to print more. We are excited to make a limited number of personal hymnals available for brethren. Personal hymnals will be purple in color (to differentiate from the blue congregational hymnals) and will have the option of standard or spiral binding, as well as options of standard size (same as current blue congregational hymnal) or large print edition (9" x 11"). Suggested donation per hymnal is $11. Please limit 1 per family.

To order personal hymnals online, you will need to have a MyLCG account. If you do not currently have a MyLCG account, please visit MyLCG Registration and request one. It should only take a few moments. Once your account is activated, just return here and sign in.

If you have forgotten your MyLCG credentials, you can request to have them e-mailed to you.

To order personal hymnals via mail, download the paper form here.

To begin the ordering process, please sign in below.

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